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Friday, January 27, 2006

Getting a gas bottle

The majority of Spaniards don't have access to piped gas. They use gas bottles. There are two main types, the silver ones and the orange ones. The orange ones have the huge advantage that they are usually delivered by someone who takes all the muscle injuries on your behalf as they lug them into your living room or wherever. The silver ones are lighter, are easier to contract for and are more available at petrol stations and other pickup points. I usually get our silver bottles from the local bodega for instance. Trouble is that when I went for a bottle yesterday the bodega had run out - come back tomorrow - they said, so I did. Unfortunately I went back at 7.50pm and the bodega apparently closes at 8.00pm, unusually early for any Spanish business. So no replacement bottles for two days. Fortunately I have an orange bottle that I shouldn't really have and one of the local petrol stations has just started selling them so I was able to replace at least one. We have four bottles on the go and we usually have to swop at least two per week to keep up with our consumption. Only having one spare on hand makes me nervous as the cold front sweeps across from Eastern Europe.

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