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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oh Water Where Art Thou!

The snow has now frozen and with it so have our pipes. Not that surprising really as it is possible to see our main inlet pipe on the surface of our garden. We are unable to wash, the toilet cisterns are empty and we will have to go out and buy bottled water so we can drink tea. After all, it's a crisis and, in a crisis, we British drink tea.

1 comment:

Jim Buchanan said...

Im honoured to be the first to respond to your blog.Perhaps I have too much time on my hands like you!!
Cold here in England this morning, but frost all gone by lunchtime.Much warmer in St Ives than where you have moved to, for once.
Commiserations to the cat -it can't help but follow its instincts.Can't commiserate with your self inflicted pains.
Take care from now on.