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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

White Vans and Blue Trousers

In order for a man to fit in with rural Spain two things are essential. A white van and bright blue working trousers.

My boss has several vehicles but he keeps a small, white van to maintain his position within the community. You will notice from the pictures that his van has several dents, this is, of course, essential but more importantly it is filthy inside and out. It's an interesting drive too requiring a certain degree of dexterity even to get it started. But once you're out there on the road, along with the other agricultural machinery it just feels absolutely right. As the old Cockburn's ads used to say "One instinctively knows when something is right".

I own a pair of the blue trousers too. 6€ from the agricultural co-op, a bargain as well as a fashion statement!

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