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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Will we get mains drains or neighbours?

Culebron village "belongs" to the town of Pinoso. We pay the equivalent of rates to Pinoso and our elected councillors sit on the Pinoso Town Council. More properly we are described as a Pedania.

The council promised to put in a new mains drainage system for the village. But, when we saw the plans in Novemeber there were three batches of houses in the village but not on the plans for the new sewerage system. Our house was in one of the three, not to be connected, clumps. The neighbourhood association said they were on the case and I also went to the technical office at the Town Hall and asked if we would be included. I was assured we would be and that it was a simple drafting error. The work has now started and diggers are tearing up a lot of the area and laying big concrete pipes. There are surveyors marks on the road leading towards our house but not on the final 150 metres. I asked our Spanish neighbours if they would do a bit of checking, and if needs be, complaining. Whether we get drains or not seems to be in doubt.

The other morning I just driving off to work when three cars drew up on the empty land just next to our house. The men who got out of the cars did a lot of pointing. They were just to the right (as you look at it) of the place where Maggie is standing in the photo. That's our house in the background - no, not that one - the first one, the little one).

I know there are plans to put in new houses nearer to town, down the main road towards Monovar (there are lots of public meetings to campaign against that) and there is some sort of draft plan for an industrial estate a couple of kilometres away. I wonder if we can expect someone to start building a modern villa just across from us?

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