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Monday, April 03, 2006

An MG and a run in the sun

Maggie and I went out with the old car today on a picnic organised by the car club of which I'm a member - El Club del 600 y Clasicos de Orihuela y Vieja Baja (snappy little title eh?)

We met in Orihuela and a collection of about 20 to 25 cars of various pedigrees and nationalities headed off down the motorway at a steady 80kph. The SEAT 600s had trouble maintaining this speed, the two leading MGBs had trouble going quite so slowly. We were the third MGB in the queue and we tried to mitigate the speed of the leaders and gee up the followers. Our destination was the small town of Aledo whose claim to fame is an ancient arab lookout tower. When we got there we all obediently looked at the tower and then got on with the real business of any Spanish event - eating and talking.

It was a good do, we ate well and quite a few people made a special effort to talk to us. The weather was tremendous; perfect picnic weather. Hot and sunny. The car ran perfectly.

The scarves are nice aren't they?

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