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Monday, May 15, 2006

On fame

Maggie and I keep trying to learn Spanish and one of the methods we use is an intercambio. It means exchange and the idea is that we meet with a Spaniard or Spaniards who want to improve their English and are happy to help us improve our Spanish. We natter a bit in each language.

Anyway, we met with a young couple yesterday. He, César, works as a technician and cameraman for the local town television station and she, Esther, works as a presenter for a different local radio station, Radio Aspe.

We joked about her being famous as she does the morning 8-9 slot which is, presumably, an important time slot. It's not such a big leap is it. She sits in front of a microphone and says things, talks to people, introduces music etc. and pushes buttons on a computer screen to make the technical stuff happen and she's not very famous at all.

I suppose Terry Wogan does more or less the same thing and he's dead famous, or at least he used to be when I lived in the UK. I suppose all the famous journalists, TV presenters, actors etc. start small and get noticed or not in time.

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