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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Getting it straight

The place I work wants to try and get a no parking order outside the building. I was despatched to find out if this was possible.

I walked to the Town Hall and asked the receptionist who I should talk to about yellow lines and parking restrictions. The Local Police.

I walked to the Local Police station. I explained what I wanted to the police officer in the reception area. Not very likely he said. He sent me to talk to his boss. I explained what I wanted. Might be possible he said. Go to the Town Hall for the form.

I walked to the Town Hall and got the form. It has a bit for personal details and then two biggish boxes to explain what the problem is and what you would like the Town Hall to do.

I took it back to work, filled it in and then walked back to the Town Hall where I handed it in. They stamped the form and gave me a copy. How long will we have to wait for a decision I asked. That's up to the Mayor they said.

Interesting process.

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