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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Going native

Everone knows about Marmite; how Britons long for it when they're abroad.

Marmite of course could be anything that's available in the UK but not so readily available here. The truth is that nearly everything we want, foodwise and otherwise, is available locally but if we do get a craving for something "English" it will be either in the English shops (we have three within a 20 minute drive) or in the larger supermarkets all of which have an international section.

So McVitie's Digestives and Heinz Baked Beans come from the local supermarket, Heinz Sandwich Spread and Patak's Curry Paste from the Carrefour and Marmite and Peter's Pies from the English shop.

Some things are in short supply and expensive so, although we can get Taylors Yorshire Teabags from an English shop about 15kms away they are nearly £3 for 40 which seems a bit dear. So we still ask our pals to bring them out from the UK.

I use Brylcreem. Even in the UK it's not easy to find Brylcreem anymore and our last visitor was unable to find any to bring. It's not an easy product to replace with a Spanish or International product either as hairdressings have changed quite a lot since the "stick it down with something" days. Without Brylcreem I have had to change. I now use a local product called Ryelliss, the sort of thing only to be found in old fashioned shops and barbers. It's not quite as good but it's not bad.

I wonder if, eventually, we will stop buying Oxo cubes and Cadbury's chocolate and, when we visit the UK, whether we'll pine for Pan de Leche and Consum Mortadela?

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