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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bits and bats

I can't pretend life's that exciting at the moment. Then again I've been listening to the Archers for 30 years or so and they manage to keep going on what's happening at the Flower and Produce show, how Adam held up against the new mystery bowler from Darrington or Hayley's problems with stoats. The script writers only throw in an occasional death, adulterous relatonship or TB outbreak to keep BBC management happy

So, around the house in the past couple of weeks we've bought a pool cover to keep the wasps from drowning themselves in our "pool", we've bought a new shelf unit that adds some furniture to the back of the room and makes a place to display my small collection of old cameras and, just tonight, we've taken delivery of a couple of chain fly curtains that help us to keep most flying beasts out but still let a nice breeze blow through the house to take away the stuffiness that builds up after a day with temperatures of 36ºc. We've even been to a solicitor to get him to sort out our Identity Cards rather than go and stand in interminable queues ourselves which means we will have resident status sometime in the New Year.

We've got a pal staying with us who's adding a bit of variety to our daily routine including a couple of meals out and a third voice as we lounge on the sofas making ill considered comments about the latest World Cup game. Maggie has just taken on her four week summer school role with a bunch of a thirteen new children; she's supposed to be improving their English but as none of them has any English it's been a bit uphill. We're even half planning to go away for a bit of a jaunt this weekend and our next door but one neighbours have moved out and been replaced by a new couple.

I had to hand over the Land Rover today to a repo company. It turns out that my boss had been guarding it after someone he knows had recovered it from someone else who had decided not to keep up the payments. I drove it out to meet the car transporter that was going to take it back to the UK for sale. A sad parting.

Certainly enough there for at least one Archers episode.

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