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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Strapped to his 'orse

I think that the bit at the end of El Cid where Sophia Loren gazes on as Charlton Heston is strapped onto his horse and rides out to defeat Herbert Lom's Moorish army single handed is a bit of a hoot. The real "El Cid Campeador", Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar by name was possibly just a little bit less honourable than Charlton. He must have done something that King Alonso VI didn't like anyway because he was exiled by him and Rodrigo ended up doing a bit of mercenary work for both Christain and Moorish bosses.

El Cid was born just outside Burgos. Our pal Jeremy has a flat in El Cid Campeador Avenue in Burgos. My guess is you can get Campeador sandwiches and Cid scrapbooks. Burgos is a lovely city with big stone buildings and a very cosmopolitan feel though it does have a reputation for being a bit parky in winter.

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