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Monday, October 30, 2006


Do you remember Jonathan Richman? At one time it was him and the Modern Lovers - Roadrunner was a hit I think and something like Egyptian Reggae too.

I saw a piece in the paper to say he was doing a tour in Spain: in fact he is on at a place called El Garaje de la Tia Maria next Saturday in Murcia which is only about an hour away. That much I got from the paper.

Today I did a quick Internet search to find the phone number for the club so I could get a couple of tickets. Plenty of listings information but no phone number. So I rang directory enquiries - no such place listed (mind you directories have still failed to give me a single number in the two years I've lived here so that was no big surprise). I tried again on the Internet. Nothing. I tried contacting Jonathan's record company for help but the email bounced back. I tried to send an email to the Murcian Tourist Offie but their website appears to be down.

I think Spain still has a fair way to go on this Information Society thing!

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