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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Another Year

It must be close to Santa Catalina's day because the district of Santa Catalina in Pinoso is having it's fiesta to honour their patron saint.

Last year we went to the crowning of the Carnival Queen but, as spectators who knew nobody, it was too boring for words. This year we gave it a miss. We went back today though to get our free beer and free paella. We got the beer, or rather I got one, as being the habitual driver I can only ever have one. The paella is cooked in a huge pan out in the street - technically the pan is the paella so I should have written the rice is cooked in a huge paella out in the street - but who cares?

It was supposed to be served at 2pm; at 2.30 there was no sign so we cut our losses and came home. Some of this is because, for one reason and another, I was in less than a brilliant mood, but part of it is the "been there, done that syndrome".

I always thought Steinbeck had it wrong with Mack and the Boys and another sunset; how could anyone get fed up with sunsets? Maybe I just read him when I was too young.

Oh, and as you can see we saw the Carnival Queens. Well you can only be certain we saw their backsides but I assure you we saw their fronts and sides too.

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