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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Esta lloviendo a cántaros

Or, it's raining cats and dogs.

It's been pouring down all over Spain for the last few days. There was a severe weather warning for our bit of the World yesterday; they reckoned we would get up to 50 litres of rain per square metre in one hour and a total of 120 litres in 12 hours. That's a lot of water. It has been very moist and quite depressing. My washing has been on the line for days and even the stuff inside the house takes ages to dry.

The good thing is that the reservoirs have increased their reserves by 1.8% since the beginning of November but, even then, our local reserves are still at only 9.5% of capacity.

I suppose I should be pleased that we're getting some rain at last. We could always buy a tumble dryer.

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