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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Poor old car!

Thud! the car stopping dead. Bits of metal tinkling to the floor.

Maggie and I were on our way to get a cheap evening meal. We were both fine and otherwise it was just bent and twisted metal. Front wing and bonnet on mine front wing on his - more damage to the Audi on balance. No doubt there's a paper chase to come. No claims bonus to lose, maybe a dodgy insurance company that doesn't like parting with cash. And how long without the car even if things go smoothly?

The man in the Audi called the police, as one has to in Spain. We were in the local town so they knew him of course but they seemed pretty even handed. Though using Spanish under such circumstances was a bit tricky and he spoke to the police in Valenciano (the local language) just to make sure that I wouldn't understand.

Both of us remained reasonably calm although he was saying I was going too fast, didn't have lights on etc. My counter argument that he failed to stop at the Give Way sign was backed by rather more evidence - the broken glass and plastic in the road!

Because the car is over 25 years old I could only buy third party insurance for it so unless things go smoothly this could be the end of the line for the poor old car. Bit of a ropy end to what had been quite a nice day. We didn't enjoy our meal much.

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