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Friday, December 08, 2006

More Holidays

Today is another holiday in Spain. I've heard it called both La Purisima and Inmaucalda Concepción both of which have pretty direct translations - The Purest One and Immaculate Conception. I never undestand all the different Spanish Virgins Mary but apparently Inmaculada Concepción is our Patron Saint.

Recently I heard some Britons talking about Red Letter Days. According to them these are the Spanish National Holidays when it is illegal to work. It didn't ring true to me but then I'm no expert on Spanish traditions and laws. Anyway I was certain the pictures would be open so I popped down to the local multiplex which is in Petrer about 25km from home. Nothing to describe there if you've been to any multiplex anywhere in the World - oh, except that the place that sells the overpriced popcorn and two litre buckets of coke doesn't sell coffee. I don't think the Spaniards can bring themelves to drink ready made coffee.

The cinema is part of a shopping centre that includes a Carrefour supermarket and I was surprised when that was open. I went to get some supplies. The place was heaving. I was shocked. People were shoving and pushing to get to the Christmas supplies, huge legs of ham, polvorones, turron and blow up Santas. One of the things I like about Spain is that Christmas doesn't really get under way till December 1st but it is certainly under way now.

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