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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Our SEAT 600 Club Annual Do

Each year the SEAT 600 club of which I'm a member has a Christmas do or Club day.

We start by meeting at a bar. With 100 plus cars parked outside and the occupants of the cars in the bar it gets quite noisy.

After a couple of hours in the bar we drive off. The idea is to parade around the streets making as much noise as possible, usually sweeping through red lights and stop signs courtesy of a police escort. I was quite taken with the horn of the Mercedes which went moooooo!! This year we could go to a mass in honour of our patron saint. I would probably have given that a miss but, as it was, I didn't get the chance because our cars got mixed up with the everyday traffic of Orihuela and I lost the car I'd been following. I don't know Orihuela town at all well so I searched around a bit and then headed off for the restaurant where I knew we were to have lunch. I think a lot of cars got lost.

Lunch was at 3pm, we were in a huge barn of a dining room but the service was good and there was stacks of food. We were treated to music from a Mariachi band. They appeared to be friends of one of the waiters. The table I was at was mainly Britons though three Spaniards had no option but to sit with us though they weren't vey talkative.

Over coffee we were given our Christmas gifts - a barbecue set and a Christmas hamper with three bottles of wine and five boxes of assorted cakes. Considering the meal cost nothing and I only paid 35€ for a years membership I reckon we made out like bandits. I didn't win anything in the raffle the star prize of which was a ham. Spaniards have big hams at Christmas which look like the hind quarters of pigs, which is exactly what they are of course.

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