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Monday, January 22, 2007

A couple of exhibitions

A couple of weeks ago Maggie and I went to see a travelling exhibition about Spanish portrtait painting. The show had been organised by the Prado Museum in Madrid, but was on at MUBAG, the Fine Arts Museum just down the road in Alicante. I thought it was really good. 62 pictures, 32 artists including el Greco, Velázquez, Murillo and Goya with a well organised theme and good labelling of the various periods and paintings. It was sponsored by a local bank called the CAM.

The CAM also runs a small museum dedicated to the writer Azorín. I mentioned it in a blog from October of last year. I went to see a show there this weekend called Azorín; Journeys Lived and Told. I thought from the blurb that it was about Azorín going to Paris, Albacete, Castilla la Mancha and New York. In fact, and I think this only because I've gone through the website and catalogue about the show with a dictionary, that it is actually a bunch of photos taken by a photographer called Eva Guillamón in those places. I couldn't work that out whilst I was at he exhibition. I also think that Azorín never actually made it to New York! The photos were generally out of focus and poorly framed, the example here is much better than most. I thought the link was tenuous and the exhibition was amongst the worst that I have ever seen.

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