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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Divine retribution

I've said before that we have something resembling a medium sized radio telescope in our back garden so we can watch "Castaway Dancing Celebrity Chef" beamed directly from the country with the best TV in the World. We also have a TDT, digital set top box so we can be horrified by Spanish TV and it's diet of Mexican soaps and cheesy game shows.

The TDT box packed up the other day, just like the first one we bought about a year ago. We'd learned from our mistake though and we'd bought the second box from a local shop just in case it needed to be returned.

The man in the shop told me to come back when the bloke from the suppliers had been, any time after 10.30. The bloke didn't show up yesterday or today so the man from the elecrical shop phoned to see where he was. "Oh, its Santa Faz (a public holiday named for a saint) in Alicante so he's taking a long weekend" said the Alicante based supplier.

It's probably something to do with the skirts on Rebelde Way being a bit too short I reckon.

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