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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday in Jumilla

The Easter week weather has been horrid all over Spain. We've had winds and rain all week, yesterday it was hailing on our house in Culebrón. This rather knocked our plans on the head to go somewhere for the long weekend. We did talk about Ceuta or Ibiza but we ended up, at least for today, close to home, in Jumilla.

The Easter processions in Jumilla are supposed to be good so we drove the 40km or so to have a look. The parade was the usual sort of format. Several groups, identified by their robes, parade a heavy and ornate float from one place to another supported by a solemn sounding band. I was surprised that the groups were still wearing the hoods as I seem to remember being told, that as Easter Sunday is a celebration, the capuchas come off.

Nonetheless, it was definitely less solemn than the stuff we'd seen in Pinoso earlier in the week. There was much more chatting between participants and crowd and the handing out of sweets reached epic proportions. Even Maggie and I came home with a good bagful.

The chaps in the photo are just in mid lift of their paso or float and if you look at the photo of the spectators you will see that the children each has a bag, ready to accept their donations of sweets!

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