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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jorge Drexler, the Uruguayan singer songwriter was on in Elda at the Teatro Castelar last night.

We'd bought our tickets through a system run by one of the local banks (pay online, pick up from a machine in most of their branches) so when we turned up at the door we had no idea where we were supposed to go. Whenever I'm lost and confused I get cross and that's what happened as we wandered around the foyer. Maggie applied a much better approach and asked one of the theatre staff where the seats were. He directed her in English. Good seats, a box about a metre higher than the stage, right at the front, maybe 20 metres from the man. Plenty of room to shuffle, good view.

The theatre was a bit like the ones in both Yecla and Villena that we've been to. Dark "Edwardian" places with boxes, balconies, gilded columns, marble detail. Elda was mainly red velvet and dark wood. No ice cream though.

Señor Drexler was good too, nice gentle songs, very intimate and cosy with the audience. He told us when he broke his finger nail and set about filing it down and he explained how he'd ended up with his ankle and foot in plaster. He and his band seemed to have a good time throughout.

If you don't know who he is then think back to the film "The Motorcycle Diaries", the one about the journey through South America that formed many of Che Guevara's revolutionary ideas. Drexler wrote the song "On the other side of the river"- Al otro lado del rió - and it won an Oscar in 2004 for the best song. Drexler was a bit cross about the way his song was interpreted by Antonio Banderas and Carlos Santana at the ceremony - a bit too Mills and Boon - so instead of an acceptance speech he just sang the song and left clutching the statuette.

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