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Friday, June 01, 2007

Stolen Moments

We have lost our Internet connection so it's been a bit difficult to Blog anything recently.

However, just to finish off the election stuff.

Basically we had a draw. There are 13 seats on the council. The PP got 5, UCL 4, PSOE 2, PSD 1 and BLOC 1. A right wing coalition of PP and PSD is quite possible as is a centre left coalition of UCL and PSOE. Six seats each. So Juan Carlos of the BLOC with just 400 votes holds the balance of power. If the coalitions go ahead and he chooses to join one or the other then a three party set up would gain power. Juan Carlos may even get to be Mayor for two of the four years that make up the term of office.

My local informant told me that briefcases of money were being offered and that he thought the PP would win. The PP apparently has more money than Ramon of the UCL.

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