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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Late nights

We went to see a chap called Antonio Orozco in concert in Jumilla last night. Good show, interesting venue in a school playground and well worth a lot more than the 8€ we paid to get in.

Antonio's support act started a bit after the advertised time of midnight so by the time the calls for an encore (¡otra,otra!) had died away it was around 3am.

We've been out and about a fair bit recently; the Pinoso festival had most of its acts on around midnight, the Flamenco in La Unión started at 11pm, the Elche fireworks at 11.15pm, the Elche barraca at 2am etc. Throw in a bit of travelling time and we've not been to bed much before 3am even after the early evening events like the Moors and Christians.

Now everyone knows that Spaniards eat late - lunch is usually 2pm but 3.30pm isn't unusual, the evening meal varies an hour or so on either side of 10pm. It's also quite warm in much of Spain at the moment so starting the entertainment after people have had their tea and as the temperatures moderate make sense.

But why was it that as we came through Mahoya, a village too small to show on the map, there were still plenty of people sitting in the bar having a beer just after 3am? I think they just like to stay up late.

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