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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pinoso en fiestas

The annual Pinoso fiesta got under way officially last night.

From the balcony of the Town hall, just after 10.30, the pregonera did the local equivalent of Cilla Black turning on the Blackpool Illuminations and our Fiestas Patronales were under way.

As well as all the stalls, extra bars and funfair last night we had dancers from Galicia - the male dancers were dressed like Captain Pugwash - and fireworks. The rockets should have gone up at midnight but, just to confuse us, they let them off five minutes early. Early is not a Spanish option.

They've moved the fun fair to a different side of town this year and there are stalls running from there back to the main street. The Peruvian bobble hat and jumper sellers seem to have been moved off the roundabout and into a little side street and all the burger and chip vans that used to be down by the barracas (a sort of temporary disco/club/rave) seem to have moved to the top end of town up by the Sports Centre.

We didn't actually get to see the whole lot; we didn't see the barracas for instance, we didn't have any of the street food nor did we ride on the dodgems because we bumped into Clive and had a couple of drinks with him.

We'll be checking out the vermouth sessions by the town hall, the bull running (more like big dog sort of size running), the free paella, a couple of big pop acts etc. over the next 8 days of Fiesta and I'll let you know if there is anything exciting.

This is one of the barracas that has a website

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