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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Older than The Bay City Rollers

Alan Crawford and I met before the bay City Rollers were a phenomenon.

He's the one in the pinky coloured shirt. He's in Salamanca at the moment doing a Spanish course for a couple of weeks. Because Maggie and I were in Ciudad Rodrigo, just 90kms away, it was a good opportunity to drink a beer, say hello and get footsore together.

John Moore is the one with short trousers and a beard. He was our next door but one neighbour when Maggie and I first moved to Culebrón and he still lives close by. John came out to see Maggie and me in Ciudad Rodrigo partly as a bit of a jaunt but mainly to provide me with a taxi home. Lovely gesture.

The other one is me. I think there must be something wrong with the camera angle. I'm sure my gut's not that large.

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