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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Abstract or vague?

I have to go down to Alicante this weekend and I saw an entry on the Valencian Community Tourist Information website called Abstract Alicante about an abstract art show. I thought it may be interesting to pop in and have a look. Unfortunately neither the English nor the Spanish version of the website says what the dates of the show are, there are no times and the only clue as to where it's on are the initials MUA.

Now, to be honest, it didn't take much Googling to find the Museo de la Universidad de Alicante and its website describes the show, gives the hours and even has a rather vague map. But it still amazes me that Spaniards, more often than not, fail to apply the what, where and when test to their information be it on posters, leaflets or websites.

This is the text just to prove that I'm not making it up

Abstract art remains a powerful creative trend that is well and alive. Artists such as Luis Mondragon, Francisco Farreras or Aurelia Masanet show their personal way of working with and understanding the collage technique.

Sculptor Amadeo Gabino's sketches and drawings help us visualize the creative process of sculpting, while allowing us to understand how authors express their own understanding of abstract styles and idioms through the use of different materials.

Paper has ceased to be the only medium through which abstract artists express themselves. Take a look at how José Antonio Martín Lázaro's ceramics and Alfonso Sánchez Luna's engravings transmit abstract concepts.

At the MUA, the latest art trends coexist with the classical works of the rich Valencian cultural heritage. The former, as represented in this abstract art exhibit, allow us to enjoy the latest in artistic innovation, while the latter helps create an awareness regarding the need to preserve and spread the knowledge about our rich artistic legacy.

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