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Friday, October 19, 2007

Me talko Espanish

I pay the princely sum of 18€ per year to attend the Spanish for Foreigners course that runs at the local Cultural Centre. The course is described as a sort of Intermediate course and, to be honest, it's too easy for me. The advantage though is that it makes me concentrate on grammar and vocabulary and what not each week.

So last night was the first session and there was the usual start of term turnout, about twenty of us - mainly Brits but a good number of Dutch, a Zimbabwean, a US citizen and, I think, a Romanian.

Just like Julie Andrews we started at the very beginning (a very good place to start) and we were asked to ask questions across the class - where do you live, do you have children, how long have you been in Spain etc? Cruz (the teacher) started the ball rolling by getting us to ask names ¿Comó te llamas? the answer being "me llamo Chris" pronounced a bit like "may yammo Chris" and translating as "What do you call yourself?, "I call myself Chris".

There were at least three people who answered "mi llamo is so and so" pronounced with a marked English accent "me yammo is". This is on a continuation course.

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