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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More gas - and taxes

Fed up with the lack of response from the REPSOL people (who I'd asked twice to come and check our bottled gas appliances) I rang the CEPSA suppliers instead. I liked them better instantly. The woman on the phone said what good Spanish I spoke. Lovely person. So, of course, I believed her when she said a technician would call today at 9am.

He didn't actually turn up till 9.07am but that aside he was excellent. He checked the pipes, tubes, connectors, carbon monoxide levels and what not, made some suggestions about improvements, nattered to me all the time, making the odd grammatical correction, and gave the set up a clean bill of health. Nice to know I'm unlikely to be suffocated or blown apart if I have a shower or cook a pizza.

I also went with a friend today to try and sort out some Social Security and Tax queries. Not the sort of offices you'd choose as a holiday destination. The people we talked to were uniformly courteous, friendly, helpful and informative - one chap who said he wasn't allowed to give us the information without lots of official paperwork - pointed to the details we needed on his computer screen and nearly winked; souls linked in conspiracy.

It reminded me of the old Ice Cube song Today was a Good Day (I didn't even have to use my AK) one of those days when things went well.

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Colin & Tracy said...

Hi Chris,

We like your blog as it makes us laugh. Have you thought of getting it in as column for a national paper back home? Its easily good enough.