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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rather splendid

Reading through a magazine I came across a re-run of an article on how to book an appointment with the doctor via the internet. I had a look at the website and though the information was only in a couple of Spanish languages the process was dead simple. As I had a look around I was reminded that you can also book your doctor's appointment via an SMS message from your mobile phone.

There mustn't have been much on the telly tonight because I also read a newspaper and I noticed an advert about tax incentives for renting out your house to young people. Lots of Spaniards have second homes so there is lots of property standing empty. I thought it seemed like a simple and elegant solution to a shortage of affordable housing.

This time the website was written in four Spanish languages plus English. The information included model contracts, extracts of the legal framework etc.

There was just the one tarmac road in Pinoso in the early 1980s, electricity arrived in the town the decade before. Bit of a change then.

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Sam said...

Very interesting! Do you have the links for these sites though?

Cheers, sam