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Friday, January 18, 2008

Fit as a fiddle

They made me press buttons on a computer display to anticipate the movement of a blob, I had to drive a little circle along a computer track, they took my blood pressure, listened to my heart, checked my eyesight and hearing and took a thorough medical history. Searching questions included:

"Do you drink?"
"A lot"

Twenty five minutes and 40€ later I had a certificate to say I was fit to drive.

The clinic were shocked when I told them we don't have driver medicals for everyone in the UK. They couldn't believe that someone could pass a driving test at 17 and drive till they were 70 without anyone ever asking them if they could still see and hear. I suppose they have a point.

Mind you, whether the medical certificate is going to be much use to me or not I have no idea. The licensing people here don't have any record of me and because of that the clinic couldn't process the paperwork in the usual way so they just gave it to me. I thought that would be OK, if I ever have to prove that I passed the medical I have the form but I notice there's a little note at the bottom of the certificate to say it expires in 90 days.

Having had the second appointment cancelled on me I thought that I'd finished when I finally got my check up at the third attempt but I should have known better. More phone calls I suppose.

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