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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not tonight Josephine

Sometime last week I acted on the advice from the driver licensing people and made an appointment to get my driving licence medical in the nearby town of Monóvar. I explained what I needed and why I needed it to the woman on the phone who obviously didn't think I was right but she humoured me and told me what paperwork to take.

When I turned up for the appointment this evening the receptionist asked me for a piece of paper she hadn't asked me to bring along but I've lived in Spain long enough to take every piece of official paperwork to every type of even vaguely bureaucratic appointment. One to me. We had the same conversation we'd had on the phone. She still didn't believe I needed a medical and, because I was now in front of her the question set was more exhaustive. I produced a copy of the piece of paper I'd got from the traffic authority people. The woman snorted but was obviously quelled. Two to me.

A man in a white coat appeared. He read the piece of paper and told me to come back on Thursday. I was a bit cross and asked why I had to come on Thursday after having been given an appointment for Tuesday. I also complained that the Thursday appointment was in working time. "Well Thursday's when we do it" was the only answer I could get. Game, set and match to them.

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