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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wrapped up

Christmas is still far from over in Spain as the traditional gift giving day - "Kings" - when Their Majesties the Kings of the Orient leave gifts for good children (and coal for the bad ones) in the shoes left out for the purpose has still not arrived. The Kings turn up in every Spanish city and town on the evening of the 5/6th January.

So the shopping frenzy goes on. It's absolutely standard for your average shop to gift wrap anything destined to be a gift. I was amazed the first time that someone offered to gift wrap a 3€ dish that Maggie bought for someone. Today when I was in a shopping centre in Salamanca I noticed this stall (sorry about the quality of the snap). Shoppers can take anything they've bought in any of the stores in the complex and get it wrapped up. It's the same in the big supermarkets, like Carrefour, and even when there's nobody at the wrapping point to do it for you there is always paper, tape, scissors etc. so you can do it yourself.

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