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Monday, February 11, 2008

The last on driving licences for the moment

If you look back through "Fit to drive", "Not tonight Josephine" and "Fit as a fiddle" you can follow the whole saga of me trying to stay legal as I drive around Spain.

Having being told I needed a medical exam by the equivalent of the DVLA I then asked them what I should do with my certificate once I had it. The answer I got back was that there was no need to do the medical after all. I quoted my original reply and quoted the bits of legislation. The chap I was dealing with came back with this reply:

"Well yes, technically you need to do the medical but, as there is no way for us to link the medical to your driver licensing record, because that's kept by the authorities of the country that issued your driving licence. It's all a bit tricky. To avoid any possible problems it may be best if you exchanged your licence though you don't need to of course"

Well that's clear then isn't it.

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