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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Population figures

Cabeco, the local magazine published by Pinoso Town Hall gave an update on the population figures as at 25 January 2008. The figures are likely to be inaccurate in that people don't always register as they should etc. but they do, nonetheless, give a good idea of the town's make-up. They have changed considerably since the last time I saw the same information from the same source.

There are 7,730 people living in Pinoso
There are 1,124 foreigners and 6,606 Spaniards so nearly 15% are foreigners
The biggest single group of foreigners are Britons at 452 (including Maggie and me)
The second largest group of foreigners are Ecuadorians (162) followed by Ucranians (99), Moroccans (65) and then Bulgarians (44).
There are 43 nationalities represented.

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