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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Because sticks were unavailable

Maggie and I have noticed that when Spaniards stray far from tarmac or pavement they seem to need long sticks to help them walk. A bit of a stroll along a woodland path requires an extensive and expensive array of technical walking equipment

I presume this is why so many Spaniards need to double park their cars, park on zebra crossings and across the angles of a junctions. They park as close as they can to their destination because they have forgotten their walking equipment! It's just too risky to go walking everywhere, willy nilly, without the appropriate gear. This close parking minimises the dangers inherent in unsafe walking techniques.

I was reminded of this today. The car park stretches down past the IKEA sign but the red VW Lupo has moved a shopping trolley so he can join the cars parked on the dirt at the left of the picture. Hooray! He'll have less distance to walk to the shopping centre just behind me in the photo.

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