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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The end of an era

I've been trying to sort out my transport as the MG nears the end of it's life without my undertaking a major refit. I have vacillated between doing the MG up, buying a different classic, getting a modern car etc. Hours of considering the options. Finally a relatively logical thought process won out over a sentimental wish to hang on to my MG.

I've been looking at new cars. A brand new Mini Cooper diesel now looks to be the winner. Some of you will know where the money came from. I'm also hoping to buy something very cheap, very old and very Spanish so that I can get out at the weekends with the rest of the chaps from the Car Club.

I put a For Sale note on the MG and also offered it for free to a good home on the MGB Bulletin Board. I had someone from the UK very interested and, because his son lives in Alicante, he was going to come and have a look. But two hours ago a Spanish man saw it parked, phoned me up and we have shaken hands on the sale for as soon as I have a new car. I felt a bit bad about the UK man but I had warned him it was for sale.

Maybe there is something in the wind because I also got an email from a chap in the Car Club to say he knew someone with a SEAT 850 for sale. I've said I would like to see it.

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