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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Enterprising women

I usually order my books from a shop run by a couple of sisters, our cats are looked after by Cristina the vet, Conchi, the woman who runs the costume jewellery shop near the place where I work, usually says hello in the morning and it was Elsa, the optician, who was fighting my lenses the other day.

It had never really crossed my mind that the common factor between these busineses is that they are owned and operated by women until I went to have a look at the 7th Pinoso Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship Fair today - I must have missed the first six. All the businesses mentioned above were there along with many more. It was a lot more engaging than I'd anticipated. There were some really interesting businesses from flavoured booze through specialist breads, handbag designers, adventure holidays and bike repairers.

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