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Saturday, March 01, 2008

I see

I wear contact lenses, I have for 30 years ("He's been singing for 40 years" - "He must be tired!") I've been having a bit of bother with them recently so when I saw an advert for the throw away lenses that suggested they may be suitable for my dreadful prescription I thought I'd ask about them. That was sometime around Christmas.

The test set of the throwaways turned up a couple of weeks ago. I asked the optician why they had taken so long, she asked me why I hadn't called back for them, I reminded her that she had said she would ring me. The conversation was just a tad sparky. They weren't any use anyway; uncomfortable and I couldn't se through them.

So I asked for a new set of the old fashioned but much more serviceable gas permeable lenses, or as they call them here, rigid lenses. She said she'd get a test set and phone me when they came in, which she did.

I went to try them yesterday. I couldn't see a thing through them. The optician was surprised; like me she'd expected a fully functioning set which, provided they had worked, I would then buy. In fact the manafacturers had sent a set with my measurements but with a "default" prescription. Actually they didn't fit either so we then spent the next 100 minutes trying different sized lenses (she had a sort of sample kit) and adding and subtracting lenses. We were both exasperated by the end. She said she'd never taken so long and I was fed up of badly fitting lumps of plastic irritating my eyes. Finally though we got there and they are promised for next week.

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