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Life in Culebrón is a very British view of life in a small village in Alicante province, my experience of Spain, of Spaniards and sometimes of the other Britons who live nearby. The tabs beneath the header photo link to other blogs written whilst I was living in other parts of Spain, to my articles written for the now defunct TIM magazine and to my most recent photo albums.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nice but ....

The woman who sold me my new Mini looked like she should still be at school to me. So I wasn't that surprised when she looked nonplussed at my reply to her question about the colour I wanted for the car. "Coopers have to be red with a white roof." "You know, Monte Carlo Rally, 1964?". Blanker than something blank.

Anyway yesterday after overcoming a series of hurdles I finally took delivery. It seems like a nice competent motor car after our first 100kms together but it hasn't got the soul of the MG. Then again, back in 1964 I suppose those
three red and white Minis, destined to become legend - 33 EJB driven by Paddy Hopkirk, Rauno Aaltonen's LBL 6D and Timo Makinen's AJB 44B - were just everyday cars too.

The photo shows the MG, the Mini, Maggie, Harold and Eduardo in Culebrón.
And number 37 is the Hopkirk/Liddon car.

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