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Monday, March 31, 2008


It all happened in a whirl. There was no time to say goodbye; no last, long, lingering look. The MG is sold to a chap called Manuel. I just hope he looks after it properly.

We met as arranged , I drove the car to his house, we collected the paperwork and went to an Asesor who made out an official contract of sale. There was a bit of a hiccough in that the road tax for this year isn't paid as I haven't had the bill yet but that aside it's a done deal. I'll take the paperwork to the office tomorrow.

It has been a sad process saying goodbye. I felt quite bereft as I emptied the detritus of the years from the car yesterday. But I can't pretend to be a fit steward if you compare the picture of the car that arrived in Spain with the one I sold today.

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