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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Generally in Spain, at home, when I eat bread, I eat stuff that looks a lot like Mother's Pride with that "normal" English loaf shape.

When I go anywhere near a bread shop or a supermarket I usually pick up a breadstick. I've always thought of that as being as standard a shape for Spanish bread as Mother's Pride is to English. But, the other day I bought a crusty round loaf, the sort that I would call a cob in the UK. It set me thinking because that's what we usually get when we go in slightly better restaurants; slices cut from a loaf.

So I asked a Spaniard what was the traditional loaf for this area. He said it's the rounded one. Particularly one called Pan sobado, the sort of bread that doesn't have a lot of "bubbles". Apparently it keeps well and even improves after a couple of days.

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