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Monday, April 28, 2008


Terrestrial digital television, free to air programmeing, sent as a digital signal to a standard TV aerial is available in Spain just as it is in the UK. Buy the box and from then on there is no extra cost. The Spanish have plans for turning off their analogue TV in a couple of years a bit behind the British.

The other day I noticed that I'd lost two of the key channels Antena3 and Telecinco. This usually happens when a couple of new digital channels become available so I retuned the box. Instead of gaining channels I lost more.

Eventually I climbed on the roof and wobbled the aerial around a bit - maybe it was a bit loose after last weeks high winds - safe back on the ground I tried again. Success. We now have 34 free to air TV stations and 8 radio. One of the new ones is called "Learn English". I think it must be owned by a bloke who wears a zip up cardigan because every time I've passed by he's been on.

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