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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Modern banking

The last time I remember getting a bank loan I was driving the MG across the fens when my mobile phone rang. They wanted to sell me some money, I wanted to buy some and five minutes later it was a done deal. Well they did send me papers to sign but basically it was done.

I wondered if we may be able to borrow money for the roof. So I went to the bank where we have an account. I wasn't actually asking for a loan just for the information about the possibility of a loan.

In order to do this both Maggie and I had to supply our annual tax declaration, two payslips, property deeds for the house and a signed declaration allowing a credit history search with the bank of Spain as well as the usual identity documents. All the documents had to be photocopied and for good measure they photocopied my contract as well. The decision will take a couple of days.

I'm told there will be a set up fee for the loan, as well as the obvious interest, and the contract for the loan will have to be notarised.

It feels a bit like there must be rooms full of men sitting at high desks with quill pens waiting to process the application.

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