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Thursday, May 01, 2008

On the road

Bank Holiday weekend. There was a 40km traffic jam just outside Albacete, all the Madrileños heading for the coast. I was going the other way. Maggie bound. It was much the same the whole length of the A3 motorway. Must have been hell getting out of Madrid. I had no trouble going in; Yecla, Almansa A31, A3, M50 but as I hit the A6 out of Madrid heading north to la Coruña the traffic ground to a halt. 75 mins for about 5kms but as soon as I got into the tunnel under the Guadarrama mountain range the traffic eased up.

The speed limit in the tunnel is 80kph. I had a Guardia patrol car behind so I stuck to 77, 78. The Guardia got bored and went past at about 90kph followed by lots of other cars. Leading by example.

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Sam Lown said...

"Must have been hell getting out of Madrid."

You have no idea! We set of a 7pm and arrived for dinner at 1am. It was just traffic jam after traffic jam, and then just when you thought it had finished, it ground to a halt again.

The worst part was arriving at Albacete, even the people who had paid to use the "traffic-jam free" AP-36 had to queue, there really was no escape!

Last time I come down the night before a "puente".

Have a great time in Ciudad Rodrigo! sam