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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Surveys and pigs

Somewhere, somehow, in my internet travels I got suckered in to doing some online surveys. Usually they are about selling and buying things, occasionally they are about politics. I get points for filling in each one and I can swap the points for prizes.

There has been a series recently asking which personalities would be good for advertising what sort of product. The survey usually starts with 20 pictures of celebs and I have to say which ones I know. They give me a second chance by naming the celebs. I wouldn't be good at this even in the UK but here I am hopeless. In the survey that came today I knew two people - Carlos Saura and Jane Fonda. Anyway I did the survey, got the points and I had a look to see what my points would now get me. Plenty of DVDs, bits for computers etc but there is a section called "Solidarity" that I hadn't noticed before.

I know what I´m after now - not the goat; I'm going to get those three piglets.

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