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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's the time?

When only the rich had pocket watches and lots of people worked in the fields having a chiming public clock was an important asset for any town.

Last week we bumped into a chap called Manolo Telegrafista who is the custodian for Pinoso's clocktower, La Torre del Reloj. It's one of Pinoso's few "monuments" and Manolo asked us if we'd like to have a look. He suggested a group of about four or five so Maggie, a couple of pals and myself met Manolo today at 11.30 the idea being that we'd get the maximum number of chimes.

It was a good visit. Manolo told us all about the builders, how bits had been salvaged from earlier clocks and he included lots of little human touches such as the notches carved in the metalwork to help the innumerate builders put things together in the right sequence for instance. In fact he was keen to tell us about anything that he could think as we gazed over the townscape and countryside beyond from our vantage point 26metres higher than the highest spot in the town.

I forgot to take a picture of the outside of the tower when we were there which is why the time is wrong.

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