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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Move

Fine 60s band as I remember and wasn't theirs the first song ever played on Radio 1?

But, yesterday, the cats and I abandoned the house in Culebrón and headed for Maggie, my new job and my new home in the town of Ciudad Rodrigo in the province of Salamanca.

The Mini performed well doing the 740kms in about seven and a quarter hours on less than a tankful of diesel. The cats didn`t do so well. They weren't happy in the big cat carrier together. They howled and screeched. Eduardo had thrown up by the time we left Yecla just 30kms from home. An even stronger odour produced by a different bodily evacuation had been added by the time we reached Almansa with some 50 minutes of journey time gone.

I couldn´t do anything about it. Opening the carrier before we got to our destination was out of the question and the cats and I had to put up with it for the whole journey. When we got into Ciudad Rodrigo the poor beasts had to endure being showered down too. Cats aren't that keen on water.

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