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Life in Culebrón is a disconnected series of pieces about the banal and ordinary of everyday life in an inland Alicante village seen from my very British perspective.

Friday, September 05, 2008

One living room to another

I left Ciudad Rodrigo on Wednesday morning and travelled across Spain by bus. I left behind one living room in Maggie's flat and arrived to another in Culebrón. You have to guess which photo is which location. Oh, and there was no power in most of the Culebrón house so my first evening was spent, romantically, picking my way through rubble by torchlight.

I checked with my ex boss (I picked up my dismissal papers today from the accountant) and current builder as to why there was so little progress on the house and why it was in such a mess. It turns out that his foreman had, quite reasonably, downed tools and gone to his daughter, more or less in the middle of the job, when she was admitted to hospital with a serious case of food poisoning. But to add icing to the cake our neighbour has also gone to the Town Hall to complain about the work being done on our house. He is attempting to have the work stopped.

I've been to the Town Hall too and it seems unlikely he has much of a case but it's quite likely we're in for some pretty serious disruption if he manages to cause any sort of delay.

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Blog Stalker said...

I would guess the top phote is wher you are now! Man, wighing you luck with your neighbor!