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Life in Culebrón is personal view of Spain and Spanish life as seen by a Briton living in a small village in Alicante province.
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Monday, January 05, 2009

Passing through

Just 3 or 4kms from Pinoso we left the Valencian Community and Alicante province and crossed into Murcia. Just outside Almansa, near the wind turbines, we started our trek across Castilla la Mancha though it doesn't become the wide open Don Quijote landscape till close to the provincial capital of Albacete. Into the province of Cuenca and about four hours into the journey into Madrid, the province and community, rather than the city. Swing South, to avoid the traffic in town, onto the M50 ring road and out, via the A6, heading for A Coruña after tunnelling under the Guadarrama mountains. On the other side of the mountain we were in Castilla y Leon, at the edge of Segovia province, right at the edge so we were quickly onto Avila province on the toll motorway. The new A50 motorway, that will eventually join Avila to Salamanca has been opened for a good part of its length whilst we were in Culebrón so we were soon into our home province of Salamanca and into Ciudad Rodrigo. The adventure continues there.

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