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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Fonts d'Algar

Whilst we've been at home we took the opportunity to see our old friends John and Claire. They have a holiday home here in Alicante, on the coast, and they were over for the Easter holiday. We stayed with them a couple of days and, like all good hosts, as well as feeding us and taking care of our every need they took us on a little excursion. We went to the Fonts d'Algar.

The Fonts are a short series of waterfalls up in the hills behind the coast at Altea and although Maggie had been there with a party of children from her old school and John and Claire had been before too it was new to me - I was a Fonts virgin. I didn't have high expectations in the cataract sense, I wasn't expecting The Angel Falls or Niagra -more Aysgarth - and that's what I got; a lovely little waterfall in a splendid wooded setting. But the place itself was quite horrid. This poor little stream had been completely enclosed by tasteful wooden walkways, sympathetic stone flag steps, concrete paths and channels and being Good Friday the place was teeming with other visitors. I felt much happier as we wandered around the museum of aromatic plants and amongst the souveneir shops as they seemed a bit more honest.

Written on Friday 10 April 2009

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