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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Please, I'm thirsty

We've just been out for a drink in Arrondias. Now you'd think getting a drink would be easy peazy for old hands like us but not a bit of it.

All over Asturias they drink cider. It's like scrumpy, a bit cloudy and 6% alcohol. It's not like Woodpecker or Strongbow because it doesn't have bubbles. Obviously that won't do. Cider should have a bit of a head.

In the first bar I asked for a beer, Maggie was on the wine. Over in the corner a couple of blokes were using the WiFi Internet and drinking cider. The cider comes in 70cl bottles like wine and on top of the bottle there was a sort of contraption a bit like a soda siphon that made a whirring sound and dispensed the frothed up cider. The web surfers only ever used the machine to dispense a couple of mouthfuls into their glasses at any time.

Bar number two. We ordered cider. The barmaid poured out a decent mouthful into the bottom of a glass by lifting the bottle above her head whilst she held the glass somewhere below her knees. The spillage, if there was any, was minimal. That was how we drank the bottle. When the glaases were empty she'd come back and pour a drop more into each of our glasses. Sometimes we had to wait a while till she wasn't too busy to help us quench our considerable thirst.

Bar number three. I was on the beer and Maggie on the wine.

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